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The mechanical flexible cables of Teleflex Telecomandi are widely used in aircraft construction, automotive, marine, rail industry, in mechanical industries, electrical, textiles, building and in all areas where are required precise controls , easy to operate and at the same time reliable and accurate.

Teleflex Telecomandi produces precision flexible control cables with the application of metal terminals seized at the ends.

Flexible pull, Bowden and push-pull cables for remote controls.

Cables or wire ropes are in zinc coated or stainless steel, naked or jacketed in plastic material. They slide inside a metal spiral manufactured at various diameter, with round or rectangular cross section, with or without plastic liner. The external of the sheath is protected by a plastic covering. Turned metal parts and plastic or rubber components complete the cable.

Teleflex Telecomandi guarantees the possibility of developing the product with the Customer and the ability to carry out in a short time sampling from a drawing, a sample or the same application.



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