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Detailed instructions which describe the processes and the interrelationships between them cover all processes necessary to Teleflex Telecomandi for the proper and effective operating of the Quality Assurance System.

For each process are defined:

  • the elements of output from the process and of input of the processes that follow;
  • the documentation of the planning, management, monitoring and recording used (procedures and instructions);
  • the necessary resources involved, machinery, equipment and human resources;
  • the measurements and monitoring carried out, through the analysis of the data collected in relation to the products or processes involved.

In case of necessity or precise agreements with customers, specific quality plans are prepared for special products or processes that differ from the standard planned quality, specifying:

  • the referenced procedures;
  • the involved liability and the proper training;
  • the requirements of the quality of the product;
  • the steps of the process and the sequence of the implementation;
  • the documentation of reference (technical documentation, specifications, schedules etc.);
  • the tests, inspections to be performed;
  • the production equipment and tools for monitoring and analysis to be used;
  • the results of tests to be documented;
  • the recordings to be made and the media to use.



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